Ora et Labora


By Kondwani A. Pherani – Form 4 

2010 LIBOSS School Magazine

Likuni Boys, you are the light of the country

Interesting activities is what you hold

Kangaroo is what your speed is like

Unity and hard work is your priority

National wide you have spread

Indeed you are the light of the country.

Big brains is what you keep

Ora et Labora is what your motto is

Yes, you are the eyes of the country

Successful you are.

Skillful teachers is what you have

Educating students is what the teachers do

Competition in class is as the students play

Oral examination you provide frequently

Nursing students as patients is what you do

Detailed information from books, you give

Absorption of information is an easy thing

Reading is what you don’t do but studying

Yes, you are indeed the home of brains.

Stupidness and ignorance is what you weep out

Cowardice is what your litter is

High performance is what you bring out

Oppression is what you don’t allow

Optimistic your brain is

Likuni Boys, you are beyond imagination.

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